Everything and Nothing

East Coast Parkway Singapore
A character in a book that I’m reading is dying. He is a great guy and he knows his days are numbered. He does what he can to make sure his family is well taken care of before he leaves them and its really heart wrenching to experience this.

Does money matter? Does possession matter? Does status matter? Does leaving a legacy matter?

All the things we spend so much time on does not matter. This pursuit of everything is like the chasing of the wind.


But if we did nothing, did not chase after the wind, honestly, we would not have experienced anything and might not have lived.

The daily commute is the early morning rush hour with the symphony of calf defining heels and lingering concoction of seductive perfumes of self worth. Rushing, yet restfully peaceful as your body teleports your mind to your daily toil.

The daily toil is the call to arms with individuals from all walks of life brought together to become loyal comrades for a common victory while sharing laughter to numb the pain from battle scars. A melting pot of ideas, stories, knowledge and experience. Teachers and disciples.

The life long responsibility of a parent is the freedom to craft minds with boundless imagination and allowing the little ones to be more than what they think they can be while creating irreplaceable memories which we can bring to our graves. With photos that bring smiles to our hearts we tell the same stories again and again.

We don’t need everything and we should not desire nothing.

For everything is wonderful and everything is everything.

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