Shirakawa-Go, Japan by Tatuya SSS on Flickr
Shirakawa-Go, Japan by Tatuya SSS on Flickr

The grass is greener on the other side. This is a very common phrase and I believe many of us subscribe to it on some subconscious level. We read things like 100 Trips You Must Take In Your Lifetime, Top 25 things to do before you die, Top 10 iconic travel experiences, Top 10: Manly Life Experiences or maybe even those crazy Kickstarter projects that get a million in a day like the Elevation Dock or Double Fine Adventure game. Then we ask ourselves, what the hell are we doing staying in this dead end job? Is there more to life? Should we just quit and go do things we like?

There is definitely some truth in it, but quitting your day job now without a plan is a huge move and many live to tell the tale of great experiences after quitting and even some great success stories of riches and amazing lifestyle, but even more are too embarrassed to mention anything as they dry up their savings, adjust their lifestyle to the best they can and maybe some end up going back into another dead end job.

The question can be “is your current job right for you?” or maybe we need to think “am I right for my employer?” If you are not getting your increments, if you are not being put in increasingly important roles, if you are not solving problems for your employer or co-workers (or your customers if you are self employed) then I believe there is a problem. Look at the company and look at yourself and don’t kid yourself, where do you think is the problem? I don’t know and I’m not trying to say where the problem is, but we all do need to take a serious look and ask ourselves honestly.

The seduction of change for change sake is very real and I believe we are telling ourselves something.

Ever since I’ve followed Airows on tumblr, I’ve came to the realisation of one thing. We all desire something else, something different. We want new experiences, visit new places.

This very simple Tumblr blog serves up visual inspirations. It shows up suave guys and alluring women, magnificent landscapes and awe inspiring architecture, lust worthy products and much desirable lifestyles. Its a pure visual treat. Life should look like this. Life should be like this.

I believe at this point, my altruistic friends will label me materialistic, seduced by the world. There are people suffering, less privileged, famine, rape, war, bad stuff, ugly stuff. True. Very true and you know what, these less privileged-suffering-hungry and abused-people in war stricken places desire the same thing. They desire change. Something else, something different.

Its not hard really.

Just get off your lazy ass and do something about it NOW. Take a short trip this weekend, renovate your room, cycle to the neighbouring country, save up for that trip and spend the money happily, pick up a skill, start ticking off your bucket list. If you don’t have a bucket list, than your ass is lazier then I’ve imagined.

Unfortunately we live in a society that primarily uses money as the yardstick of what we can and cannot have. Fine, if you still think quitting is it, then i’ve got nothing to say.

I’m very blessed because I love the people I work with and I dream of them all the time. Many are in different stages in their life, some young and figuring things out, some are at the brink of becoming an awesome manager, some at the brink of becoming an amazing individual in their craft, some are just enjoying themselves.

I could have chosen to view some as irresponsible, selfish, untalented or even downright useless, but then I’ll i’ll then be surrounded with idiots. Why would I want to do this to myself. I choose to truly believe I’m blessed and surrounded with awesome people. People who have great life stories, people who have great potential, people who I can be friends for life.

I desire change. Change for the better.

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