@nickpan.drinks on IG

Of late I’ve got quite serious with wine and looking at my main Instagram account, almost 80% of them were about wine in the past months. So I’m going to stop spamming my friends with all my wine stuff on my main social accounts and I’ve setup a separate Instagram for it at @nickpan.drinks. So follow me there if you are interested in my wine adventures.

During the past months, I’ve also setup a Facebook Group called Little Red Drop which is a strictly non commercial wine group to discuss about wine and make friends in Singapore who love wine . It is NOT about sales, promos or anything commercial.

Also, I’ve setup a Facebook Page called Singapore Wine Mailing List and as it’s name suggests, the content are extracted from Wine Mailing lists in Singapore. And I hope to bring all the wonderful deals and promotions from merchant’s emails to our fellow local wine drinker’s Facebook feed.

More about these 2 new properties on a separate post, for now, follow me on @nickpan.drinks on Instagram. Thanks.

@nickpan.drinks on Instagram

6+ Texas Hold’em Short Deck Hand Rankings

Have been looking for a reference picture for Texas Hold’em 6+ hand rankings and could not find one where there are some odds that come with it and also with easy readability for mobile phone viewing.

So a friend helped to calculate the number of possible hands, probability and also the chances you will get that hand.

I do love doing Microsoft Powerpoint Slides, so this is my latest masterpiece.

Let me know if something does not add up.

The Chef

With ideas in her head,
she acquires ingredients from creation.
She picks up some bread,
some meats and some crustacean.

With purchases in her hands,
she assembles them into her curation.
Each ingredient has a plan,
that’s all part of her preparation.

She cook in her pots and pans,
dishes of her imagination.
Juggling flavours and textures,
from experience and experimentation.

She host her friends regularly,
not any one group particularly.
With smiles, laughter and her kitchen art,
everyone sense the generosity from her heart.

She is the artist,
the scientist,
the chef,
the friend
and my wife.