EC201 Tutorial 1 – Website Review

When you think of websites what kind of visual image do you have in mind? Websites usually have a navigational bar on the left with a logo on top of that and the main content on the right with a title and some graphics, some words and that’s basically what comes to mind. If that was what you have thought of, then you are not wrong, because many people do have that mind set too, even our very own Blackboard website for our EC201 unit is designed like that as well. I always wanted to see websites that have a total different look and feel, a collection of good stuff that people say is considered industry standard. Thank God I happen to come across is currently my most visited website. I think by far it has the best collection of links to well-designed sites that is worth a look at.

The site although having numerous links, is still very well structured and it is very easy to navigate through the entire website. The collection is categorised by the kind of look a website has and also the kind of function it has. Categories like Ultra Hip, Very Clean, Nav Bars, E-commerce, E-zines, Corporate, Futuristic, etc. To make things even easier for the surfer every link has a thumbnail of the particular website’s main page. also has another collection of useful resource links for web designers. Links to font sites, links to sites that emphasis on colour usage, links to sites where generally a web designer goes.

It also has its own Message Board focusing on web development and design. It allows web designers to have a place to communicate, a place where people can exchange ideas, know one another and also discuss about the latest developments in the Internet industry.

If you do come across a good site, do go and fill in an online form on and nominate it to be listed there.

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