EC203 Group Meeting

Had a 4 hour group meeting today with my other groupmates Alvin & Nobu. The groupwork is basically to recommend a computer network infrastructure for a fictitious software company. The network includes, LAN, WAN and Intrnet Access. For past week, it has been research and more research, and i learnt tons of stuff i always wanted to know, but was too lazy to find out.
IP Address Index is a website that contains all the assigned RFC 791 IP addresses.
Webopedia allows you to search technical terms such as TCP/IP, Router, Proxy Server, Firewall, etc…
VisualRoute Server is such a cool tool i stumbled upon. It provides a graphical traceroute from their server to any other network device you choose. Just type in a url and you will see where the site is located physically. Apparently is located in Broomfield Colorado.

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