IIS5.0 exam

I have to say this is the most unjust exam i have ever taken. What pisses me off is when i was marked down because i did not do it the right way. I said “what matters is it works right and there is more than one way of doing it“, the reply i got was “you did not do it correctly and there IS only one way of doing it.“… what the… i was totally stuned at the respond. Tell me how many ways are there to setup a virtual server in IIS5.0?

Another thing was we were required to write down the url to access the virtual websites that we have created from an “external browser“. That is a bit subjective so i asked and clarified that “external browser” meant a browser that is out of the room and out of the LAN. If you did not have access to the DNS servers, would you be able to do that? It was an exam, so probably they knew what they were doing so i tried to figure it out. Eventualy i left that answer blank, cuz i thought it was a trick question and i was SO wrong. The FREAKING ANSWER WAS CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!!!

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