A good friend of mine today said a few good phrases, of all my favourite would have to be “Verbal Masturbation“. It means giving all sorts of excuses for yourself, just to make yourself feel better.

We were basically having just a normal supper cum coffee (or tea more like it) at the beach road prata joint and just so happen to chat about stuff like work, management, Edward De Bono, attitudes, happiness and even philosophy. I totally enjoyed myself.

Another good line from that same friend of mine was something like “Philosophy allows one to better appreciate life and your surroundings”. Both of us intend to take up a philosophy course a few years down and I just can’t wait for that time to arrive.

3 Replies to “Philosophy”

  1. sounds cool man nick… you most definitely should take up a course in philosphy…

    where language holds no barriers and frame of minds are broken..

  2. love it man…verbal masterbation…!!!!

    ya…rite…i think you should stick to what you are doing now man……

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