Life as it seems

Life as it seems is all a big distraction from what we actually want in life. We toil and strive for that momentary security and then realise that its all a big hoax and that we have became a pawn for our society. Its not that society is bad, its just that we are all blinded by a value system that we think is ideal and have not questioned it after unknowingly accepting it.

What have I been doing all this while? Schooling, working, blogging, churching, etc… but what is it all for? You might already have an answer, but might question your answer after a few years and be back right here where you started asking that innocent question which unleashed you into the abyss of life’s mysteries.

I accept the fact that we are living in the limitations of time and space. What’s before the beginning, what’s after the end, where is the edge of the universe and what’s after that? I don’t intend to get answers for these questions as I think we are but beings with limitations of comprehension in the elements that only the almighty would have access to.

So is it all really just chasing after the wind or is there a deeper meaning in all these. The God loving ones might say that the priority in life is to allow the created to know its creator. The Scientists might say that the priority of life is to unlock the mysteries of the universe. The politicians might be spending their time trying to achieve a sort of utopia.

Life might be a stage, a platform for us to experience or perform. Life might be a test, an event which is recorded and scored. Then again Life might be a mystery that can’t be explained to beings such as us with such limited ability to comprehend like explaining the entire educational system when a child asks what is one plus one.

Damn it! I think something is screwing with my brain, cuz I am spurting out raw unprocessed thoughts onto a screen. Am I trying to say something or am I trying to record my thoughts?

6 Replies to “Life as it seems”

  1. Thoughts like this only happens ( or at least for me) when they

    1) lost sight of their objective (personal+spiritual)
    2) are actually very unhappy with the way things are going for them.
    3) forgot to be contented

    But hey, you know how the good news is ?? You will be distracted all over again to bother with these things. Ha ha, do not worry about tomorrow and let tomorrow worry for itself. See you in church, brother.

  2. such is the diversity of the human mind, in other words, life.. you’re most definitely not alone nick..

  3. i dun think it really matters – what or why u were writing… the most important thing is that it was part of you, and will always be, just because it went thru ur heart/head… what i like about blogging is that i get to read other ppl’s and they get to read mine if it so pleases them… – u’ve got pearl! isn’t it all that matters… ? hehehee… im rambling…. wahhahaaaa

  4. Jono’s good news is hardly good news. Why would a blind man who now can see go back to being blind? Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be open. Ask, and you will receive.

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