Hardened Website

For those who are familiar with the term Secured Kernel or Hardened OS, you would agree with me if i said my site is a Hardened Website. haha…

Is your website hardened? hee…

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  1. i have absolutely no idea what that means, but i do know one thing, that your website definitely rocks. it’s my web junction if u wanna call it.

    seriously. alwyas check here for links to other sites and also to all the blogg sites.

    power ass junction.

  2. i know i know… a hardened website means the site contains materials tt makes a part of a male human’s anatomy stick up straight and be rock hard. am i right?


  3. oh.. I left out.. the first pic u look like some vietnam refugee.. :) and how come u are single eyelid on that pic?

    hey nobody said you look like anyone. its your cousin that said you looked like a HK singer… dun anihow accuse nobody ok.. if not somebody will hammer u becuz nobody is somebody’s somebody. :) haha

  4. mm.. hardern site, well on layman’s term a hardern site is when the HTML codings is fused with XML and VRML, the coding will use SSI with Java and Applets, QTVR running on an X-windows platform. I think nick should be able to take the explainations alittle more technical rite nick?

  5. A hardern website is a term used when web traffic is so heavy that it costes a major traffic jam on its bandwidth. This is so because the traffic ‘harderns’ the pipe line for the other internet surfers.

  6. ya me too nick!! your nickpan.com is the site i go to to visit the other blogs. it’s even saved in my school’s history list of addresses!! whoooo hoo

    as for the hot topic of hardened links, i have absolutely no idea .tho it does sound knda…umm..well..ah..oh nevermind

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