I’m not here nor there, although being back in Singapore is a very good thing, but the transition period from school life to work life is kinda unsettling.

With many strange commitments and many loose ends to tie up with many ad-hoc yet important strange activities to attend to, I find time is slipping through my fingers. All I know now is I need to work and start providing for my pregnant wife and that is my first priority, any other thing would have to wait.

I’ve applied to several jobs already & hopefully next week I might be able to go for some interviews. Many of my friends know that I might be setting up a company, but I think I can’t really take this risk now. My kid is coming end of the year, so being practical might be the best way to go for now.

I’ve not been surfing the net much and have not been creating any sites lately, darn that really sucks.

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  1. dude, while waiting for job application replies, it’d be good to keep learning stuff and even venture into web experimentation, think up some way for any sort of income to flow in, or join/help out somebody/anybody in a small personal business for a smaller than usual pay/commission than expected. It’ll exercise your mind actively in the meantime

    Personally, I have this feeling that I may not get a job soon after I graduate too, with the large competing number of architecture grads, thus I’m even thinking about working at Macdonald’s or being a dispatch driver just for any sort of income. Somebody I know asked a recently firm to be able to let them work for free for a period that the company chose just for the experience, and to keep him busy – the boss was impressed with such a statement, and told him that it would he could work for 2 weeks for free under evaluation, and then from there they would negotiate a pay or boot him. After 2 weeks, a pay was negotiated successfully and he continued to work there very contentedly with a stable and proper income.

  2. quite a troubled situation you are in eh, but opportunities will come. continue to exercise your mind, read things you normally won’t, create something you just feel like doing. take a minute to relax. there’s always a silver lining.

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