Hi Baby

Pearl Preggy Scan

This would be the first official picture of our baby and yes i think an ultrasound is a photo. This is so very cool. Do say hi to our baby.

13 Replies to “Hi Baby”

  1. eh nick.
    name your kid legend lah.

    next time my kid will be “legend goh”

    good ah?

    “come here legend, let mummy feed you.”


  2. is the baby locatedon the left side, the black spot is the head and i see the back of the baby’s body. am i right at that? it sure looks like a baby sleeping with its back facing me….
    so wonderful mr future daddy!

  3. you know, if you tilt your head sideways to the left, it looks like a skull with its mouth open…

  4. The baby is facing down with its head on the left, the bright line connected to the head is the spinal cord. I see that straight away, i hope you can see it too.

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