I want broadband

*sob* i seriously want to get broadband, but i’m living on a landed property… *sob* i think i’m destined to be a 56ker… According to the the broadband company just to lay the cable from the road into my house might cost up to $5,000 is that bad news or is that horrible news for this poor unemployed web citizen.

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  1. heres a dumb one. .. get a really long ass cable and link it from the cable socket from a HDB near u.. to a broadband modem. heheh.

  2. how bout this, install a descrambling satellite dish that breaks the codes and steals bandwidth from those geosynchronous orbital satellites up there. you can even bring it along when you move location!

  3. Get Singnet or Pacnet broadband lah!! Uses telephone line with ADSL modem what.

    Most people think broadband is only SCV, what fools!

  4. 512k is right.. you should turn to singnet bb or pacnet since you are living in landed property UNLESS you subscribed to SCVision which is the SCV tv shows. Then its much simpler then :D

  5. cable isnt the only bb service in singapore, like what the rest say, get pacific or singnet broadband, DSL :)

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