Toys for Clié


Pearl and I have decided to name our daughter Clié. We pronounce it as CLEE-EH. I’m so looking forward for her arrival and have already choosen her first toy, a Playmobile rattle for girls.

I’m so overwhelmed by all this. Can you believe it, our very own baby… the world suddenly seems different, sharp objects seems sharper than they are, short distances seems like forever and small objects seems pretty large and heavy… The world is so big and she is going to be only that small… and for several years some more…

hmm… gotta shop for more cool toys…

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  1. gosh, clie is such a cool idea for your girl’s name. maybe we should think about naming our boy mac. if we have one lah.

  2. that’s a highly unique name! That toy’s real cool too! I’ll be getting lotsa lego if I have boys – hopefully when a little older. Fluff bears and rabbits for girls.

  3. Wise move … we are glad you know that disobeying the council meant severe woes to your family.

    once again the majestic council was right in choosing the name clie. Bestow upon dee supreme council. hail..

  4. gee… think carefully for ya baby’s name. its gonna be forever… its either a laughing stock for her… or its gonna make her look unique.

    my parents name me lani, im a chinese, n pple often thought im indian, malay or sth else. but i learn to love n respect my name :)

  5. when i have a kid, i’m gonna name he/she

    Legend Goh Xia Lan

    Wu Xialan

    BEAT THAT. my kid will probably hate me for the rest of his/her life.

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