Pearl and I are now officially living at Davis’s and Sharon’s place in the west as they kindy opened their house for us to stay for the next few months as Pearl will be delivering soon and will be doing her confinement there. I would think its like north-west cum central kinda place, cuz its Bukit Panjang. It feels strange to be out of Katong where my roots are, cuz all my life near have always meant Katong or East Coast. Orchard and City Hall takes a bit of effort to get to and Bukit Panjang have always felt like Malaysia or somewhere really far.

Hmm… now i’m in the west, i’m near people like nix, sylvy, Rey, Dezzo and not to mention the closest cm. I really look forward in hanging out with them more.

Well… going to work now is kind of a travel *sigh*… nvm… you win some you lose some. I’m happy to be in the west for now…

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  1. hey yo Nick,

    u forgot me & Gobi!!!! eh, yew tee not very far fm where u are….& the best part is my new home is right next to Sharon’s blk! ha ha…u guys shd have just bought yur hse in Bkt Panjang dah :)
    one more neighbour – desmond khoh who lives v. near cong ming. oh, everyone shd just move to the WEST! ha!

  2. eh the west is COOL ok! so is being a westie! i’m proud to be a westie! all westies should have a westie conference and hang out at aaliff’s for a meet. :)

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