15 Replies to “Bloggers: Nick and Pearl Pan – OCT 5, 2003”

  1. hahaa nick.. gave a little chuckle when i saw it ;) Blogging came out in the papers couple of times already… web trends :) wasnt too surprised when i saw it. but was pretty surprised at the pretty kewl pic of your whole family! haha.. *grin*

  2. i was so excited to find it on the ST’s website. and the next thing i knew, u’ve already updated ur webbie with it :) it’s all good!

  3. hehe.. the issue on blogs has appeared on the papers for a number of times already..

    anyway, nice to see your whole family on the papers.. have always enjoyed your family’s entries, and especially pics of clie. what a happy family! :)

    i find the ang mor’s comment on the possibility of clie being kidnapped quite hilarious..

  4. hey! i’ve been blogging for some time nowz.. n .. tats such a cute pic of u n ur family.. happi bloggin

  5. Hi Nick, saw yr bloggers article on STI yesterday.
    It’s great to see other bloggers sharing their happiness thru daily blogs. Keep it going! :)

  6. hey nick…yeah i know ur from curtin!! i met you and Pearl at Karawara chicken rice shop when i first got here!
    anyways im glad to hear you’re doing well and good luck on your new place!!!
    Congrats on your kid..beautiful name too!!

  7. you superstar nick.
    always knew that you and the girls had celebrity status.
    not one for really writing in blogs but with this new found superstar status….
    congrats great to see Clie in the paper before she even turns 1.

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