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  1. Hi, I am just googling Arne Jacobsen cutlery and find your tasteful blog with plenty of beautiful pictures of well-designed objects, including your impeccable white minimalist apartment. It seems we share similar interests.

    Yes, the AJ cutlery is truly beautiful, elegant, and timeless yet it is so costly. But if you buy the cutlery online in the US, you can save a bit. The price is usually cheaper than the pre-tax price in Denmark. AJ cutlery is more expensive in Singapore and Australia (and Norway of course).

    Buying Vola taps online in the US also gives a substantial saving than buying them in Norway where I live. The price difference can be up to 500 SGD.

    By the way, I see that the white cupboard/wardrobe in your living room and kitchen is without handle. This is the type of wardrobe system I am looking for. What is the brand of your wardrobe? Do you use click and push system or you use handleless door panel from e.g. http://www.boform.dk or http://www.bulthaup.de? Boform is too expensive for me. A 120-cm cupboard costs 12,600 SGD. So I am trying to find a cheaper alternative.

    Honestly, trying to design a minimalist John-Pawson house is very time-consuming and costly because most of the items in the market are not minimalist enough and the details are rough and untidy. Minimalist style is expensive as it demands high-quality craftmanship. In an austere minimalist environment, a small detail imperfection can be so visible.

    I bookmark your blog so I can check more design news from your wonderful blog.

  2. I love this site… it’s quite inspiring to me. Any blog that helps me improve my kitchen work, decrease my cooking chores, or just plain make me think on something new is going to be worth my time. Thank-you for all the inspiring tips! :)

  3. I really like this weblog… it’s always inspiring to me. Any blog that helps me organize my kitchen work, decrease my daily effort, or just plain educate me on something new is absolutely worth my effort. Thank-you for all the informative articles! :)

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