lunch @ olio dome


i had one of the best sunday lunches ever! its nothing to do with the food or olio dome, but i think its the first time that only the three of us had lunch together on a sunday afternoon. drinking nice mushroom soup, nice sandwiches, reading nice magazines… its the ideal lifestyle…

now i know what i’m working so hard for. this lunch is such a recharger for me and i look forward for maybe a short trip soon… maybe thailand or malaysia.

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  1. clie is just the most adorable baby!!!!!
    anyway just a few tips abt ur holiday planning… my parents went to phuket just recently – its monsoonal at the moment, raining cats & dogs – so better do some research.

    My friend recommends Hua Hin is. its a few hrs from bangkok, not too commercialised & it shouldnt be effected by the monsoon. ALSO drop by bangkok – Pearls yet to hv a taste of Shoppers heaven – Chatuchak is ssssssooooo cheap & u will find the funkiest clothes for you, pearl & clie AND the funkiest & dandiest housewares for a steal!!! I promise

    so do explore Bangkok (must be over the wk end though – chatuchak only operates sat & sun) PLUS a few days relaxing at an Island.

    Your travel guide!

  2. wow…good for you Nick!

    a simple weekend meal together with your family brings u all the fun and enjoyment u’ve got….! not everyone gets to experience that! hoho…

    have a holiday soon ya! (‘ ‘,)

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