Words cannot explain the love i have for my girl. The fear that she will hurt herself, the fear that others will hurt her, the fear that she does not know the love i have for her. I can’t wait for her to grow up, i can’t wait to start talking with her, i can’t wait for the day she will smile back at me and tell me she loves me just like how i love her.

Every day, i know a little bit more about her, what she like, what she don’t like, what she wants and what interests her really. For every mistake that she might make in the future, i’ve already forgiven her. For every thing she wants to embark on, i’m ready to support her.

I thank God daily for giving me Clié, i thank God for giving me Pearl. If only you knew God and the blessings he have for you… if only… if only…

I don’t know why but i’m feeling very emo after 27th Mar.

6 Replies to “myGirl”

  1. oh..i love the way u did the banner of Clie..can u tell me how u did it? On photoshop?

    Well, as a parent, I totally understand how u feel..:)

    Clie’s a lovely child! Just wondering, if i do start a playgroup in Hougang (where i live), maybe Clie can join us?

  2. Well, this is the ‘greatness’ of all parents: their LOVE!

    Hope everybody knows how to appreciate their parents. *Cherish the people around u*

    (‘ ‘,)

  3. Yes photoshop

    1. duplicate layer 3 times
    2. most bottom layer threshold 120 + opacity 10%
    3. mid layer threshold 90 + opacity 40%
    4. top layer threshold 50 + opacity 90%
    5. all 3 layers hardlight on desired background col.

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