Another business trip is coming round the corner and its gonna be a long 15 days away from my little family. I took the picture above at Cologne, Germany. The place looks nice, but i was missing my wife and kid badly. I think i might not be cut out to be a business man that travels. I think i’m more like a stay home SOHO kinda guy.

Do you travel? How do you manage to be able to be away from your family for long?

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  1. ur married Nick, that’s why you feel that way. when i’m away on trips, it’s nice feeling ‘cos i treat it like a holiday just that sometimes the seminars and meetings are boring! :)

  2. Travel ee yup..but don’t have your kinda problem.
    You can share the world with them when u return wat…or u prefer to stay at home and tell ur kid abt wats goin on around the neighbourhood?
    u goin to China?

  3. i feel your pain man, though i don’t have a family unit of my own, it’s already enough to feel crap when it’s blood family and friends (that are to me like family anyhow!). think the thing that pulls me through is being sure that where i am, is where i’m meant to be- if you know what i mean.

    and besides, the parting makes the meeting up again so much the sweeter. :D

  4. I cannot tahan anything more than 5 days now a days, especially since the arrival of my baby boy. And when I am overaseas, I simply have to make a call back home to my wife and see if everything is ok. Its not like she is dependent or something. I somehow feel lost without her (at times).

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