Crab Pasta @ Punggol


I’ve been having a craving for crabs lately and my chef of a wife made me this fantastic crab pasta for me for lunch. Wah Lau! I was very suprised, cuz when she asks me what i want for lunch i always respond “anything you cook i eat lor”.


I remember praying for a wife when i was in Sec 2 and i remembered requesting for a wife that could cook, but i never expected it to turn out this way. Thank God.

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  1. I’m blessed too, I have a hubby who loves and cook wonderfully =)

    I didn’t pray for one but God gave me one. hee…

  2. Hey Nick! Can u get Pearl to teach me how to cook that? I want da receipe! EMail me pls!! haha…then i can learn and cook it for my future husband too! muahahahaaaaa…

    (‘ ‘,)

  3. hi nick. aww that’s sooo sweet!!
    there once was a time i prayed for a husband who could cook. but now i won’t let my husband in the kitchen. not because he can’t cook… but because IIIIII want to cook ALL the time!!

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