Ever since we have moved into our new place, i was unable to setup the Internet Connection Sharing, so pearl could not use the net with her laptop. It was real fustrating.

FINALLY… just 2 nights ago… i managed to fix the problem and now pearl can access the net. I believe she can now do more drawing and update her website more often. She is going for a total revamp as she has a new purpose for her website… stay tuned…

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  1. that’s cool, will be good to see pearls blog moving again!

    by the way, you haven’t updated us on your [email protected] especially the photos… show you your new stuff

  2. Yeah, I agree with Dezzo, Nick. Been waiting for a long time to see how your new home looks like!

    Quick, Nick! hoho…


  3. my internet connection sharing @ home is darn screwed. my network card has some problem. it’s so frustrating. now i gotta remove my casing & take out the network card & fix it back in again to see if it works. -_- my elder bro threw all the responsibilty to me. damn.

  4. that’s so cool!

    hey btw, we (t&b&me) just got adsl recently, and my bro and i are using wireless on our macs…is it common to have problems surfing once in a while?

    could just be the wireless though. coz it’s usually just me and my bro, and sometimes it works after bren goes online to reset it.

    just curious.

    oh and now right (sorry i’m just letting out some tech problems haha) my bro and i can’t send out emails from our pop account on our home network. we’ve had that problem before. and it just suddenly happens….and mysetriously gets fixed….sometime later. i dunno why.

  5. hehe figured it out (thank God before 5months), they changed their server thingy apparantly. hehhe. anyway it really is SUCH a relief when tech probs get solved…so i so feel your joy man! :)

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