live life to the max


I’ve been spending more time with my little girl of late and i’m really enjoying it. I can see that she live life to the max. When she is awake, she is busy… exploring, trying stuff, touching everything… she is so curious. Then when she is tired, she sleeps well… she goes into a deep deep sleep… preparing herself for the next adventure. Its nice seeing her dozing off and her body forcing her to rest.

btw, the hit song now is Itsy Bitsy Spider after Twinkle Twinkle Little Star topped the charts for few months.

2 Replies to “live life to the max”

  1. its time to turn on the golden hits of yesteryears and let little clie dance to the beats of classical tunes we grow to love, from the melodious likes of ballads such as “ai pia jia yar” or “hwa hi loh ho”…


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