Its amazing how time flies… its already June and my milk has expired… it felt like i’ve just went to the supermarket just yesterday. Its times like these that i miss being around friends. Work is heavy and the responsibility is more than i can take…

Its strange how the quantity of time with friends is changing at a constant pace of slowly and becoming more of quality time with friends. A simple meal, a short session of coffee (or tea or cocktails). I think i’m getting old… i’m starting to feel all nostalgic at the present, the present which i know i can’t spend too much time on.

The wierd anxiety in me is manifesting itself physically and to me thats worrying. The solution is simple… go skating… go sweating… i will real soon…

3 Replies to “Friends”

  1. as we tread through the pathway of time, of life, we remember those around us, others, who have crossed paths with us. and in these brief moments in time, we embrace each other, in love, in thought and in sacrifice. we remember those we’ve met and exchanged time with.

    and hopefully, they remember us too.

    for time is a journey that will end soon, and when it does, we will be seperate spirits.

  2. daren has to be so chim with words – bleah :P
    ha ha…. anyways does that mean u remember me as e fren whos always eating Nick!!! sigh! :P

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