PC Woes

  1. Formated Hard Disk and created partitions
  2. Installed OS
  3. Installed Antivirus, Firewall & Anti-Spyware
  4. Installed applications
  5. Updated Antivirus definitions
  6. Did complete Antivirus scan
  7. Imported backup data from previous PC
  8. PC Started showing signs of auto restart
  9. Re-did steps 1 – 7
  10. PC Started showing signs of auto restart
  11. Called shop and was told to bring down PC to check
  12. Took taxi to SLS
  13. Replaced faulty RAM chip
  14. Took taxi home
  15. Re-did steps 1 – 7
  16. Got online
  17. Downloaded Mail, replied some mail and appologised to clients on outstanding work due to PC Woes
  18. Started working
  19. in less then 1 hour KENA VIRUS!!! (IE web browser attack)
  20. Systems files missing
  21. Run OS Repair but useless
  22. Reinstall OS over faulty OS
  23. Got to login screen then auto restart
  24. PISSED OFF!!!
  25. to redo steps 1 – 7 when i cool down

Its now pass midnight and i’m still at office rushing work thats due in less then 12hours. Tomorrow still got loads to do… i need to… *sigh*… forget it… i’m getting back to work!

8 Replies to “PC Woes”

  1. I am sorry to hear things are not going well. It takes practice to get the hang of setting up a computer from scratch.

    It is really important to take things slowly, including software! Only do the basics (dont even copy media files such as Video or music until the programs are clearly working well).

    If you care to, It would be cool to see the insides of your system some time!

  2. No worries. I was in your shoes months back doing exactly the same thing you do, and only realise I have to go back to Sim Lim to change the RAM. And then later kanna’ virus. Only difference is my virus was another kind and my deadlines are major academic projects. Keep it goin!!

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