PC Woes II


Its officially 10 days now from the day i bought myWhiteP4 and i FINALLY manage to get it up and running! You know things are not good when the OS shows a “blue screen”.

What did i do you might ask. I took out one RAM chip! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! that means both my RAM chips were faulty initially! Now i’ve gotta go change the other one! darn, how unlucky can one get.. what are the odds!

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  1. Think of the bright side, you just join the club of those people who are damn good trouble-shooters … it’s a skill! ;P

  2. ever thought about buying a Mac?

    – No viruses, great OS and almost works out of the box (I speak from experience just a few months ago)… sometimes I wonder if PC users are masochists… BTW with Mac even the box looks great!

  3. why not get a mac? no viruses, installs easily out of the box in minutes (not days) and hey: even the box is great to look at (let alone the computer and its OS…

    good luck with your PC :>

  4. hmm. pearl’s comments aren’t working so I wanted to drop this here.

    Amen! He will work things out for you as he already has!! He’ll handpick the maid that is especially for you and don’t even think about negative aspects because there won’t be any.

    Love your journal as always and your outlook on life. 8 months!! Almost there :)

  5. I would have had make a fuss at the shop!
    haha…tell them er..u lost a few thousand bucks because of that!haha

  6. my experience with my then-dead pc involved me trudging down to sim lim, repeating word for word what rey was saying over the phone to bewildered salesperson at Costronic, and then giving up being messenger girl and passing my handphone to bewildered salesperson who after 5 mins became less bewildered.

    this hardware stuff is really very hard! It’s still like a part of the internet/technological revolution that’s meant to keep the non-techies out!

  7. i dislike the productivity on a mac. a mac is entertaining, but we can’t get the darn thing to do simple things like position the mouse correctly because can’t turn off mouse acceleration that is built into the OS… writing to Apple didn’t seem to produce any results.

  8. I’m a web designer and i do use both PC & Mac. I’m not bias with either systems, and do wish to own both. But as my budget is tight, i have to settle with a PC. and also more importantly alot of my personal settings are all in my PC OS and not easily transfered over to Mac at the moment.

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