bye bye T310


hello N3100


i love this phone, its so bright its like a torch, it helps me move around at home at night in the dark.

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  1. hehe you got the same phone as me :) but i find it too bright ! i always hide the phone away when i go to sleep.

  2. I have that phone! Mine is blue :) But I usually hide it in my bag at night because the “glow in the dark” feature scares me. Imagine waking up deep in the middle of the night and find something glowing back at you. Whoa, scary!

  3. hey…that’s so cool! :)
    eh what you doin with your old phone?? hehhe.

    i’m stuck with my nokia3310 since my t610 got stolen when we had that youth outing at Sentosa over the summer break. so saaaad. :(

    you should sell it i’m sure it’s worth something.

  4. My phone’s T610! Just got it not long ago… Almost got N3100… But since the T610 has a better screen resolution… :P

  5. my sis has that phone and when she’s using it late at night when I’m trying to sleep, i tell her to switch off her flaslight. ;)

  6. I have the same phone in white too, and it makes an amazing torchlight. And I also use it to navigate to my bed after my roommate is asleep, heh :P

  7. I haf a 3200 too! tht means i haf 2 phones!!!
    haha, just kiddin, one’s fake, which is a torchlight… frm ndp funpack. coz i’m in ndp!!! ;)

  8. You see i sell toilets in the day and at night i create websites. So when i’m done with my work, the girls are all asleep and i switch off all the lights everynight and i walk in the dark all the time. When i go into the bedroom, i must avoid stepping on my daughter that is sleeping on the floor on matress, jump over all the toys thrown all over the floor, navigate and climb over the pregnant obstacle that is in the way of my resting place, then i have to ensure that my low-tech and unlit alarm clock is set to make sure i can sell toilets in the day on time the next day.

    *sigh* i still have to shower… yes i switch on the toilet lights, the N3100 is not enough for that.

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