low batt

I hate it! I used to be able to go with very little sleep and yet be productive. I think i’m getting old, i used to be able to stay up till 4am and still go to work at 9am the next day, but i can barley stay up till 1am now a days. I’m spacing out more now a days… i just stare blankly at my screen… i just stare blnkly at my screen… the worst part is when i fall asleep while playing with my daughter… I hate it!

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  1. hey, don’t worry. Haha, even I can’t stay up atill 1am especially since this year started and I’m WAY younger than you. Ok, not trying to make you sound old. I’m 17 la. Ya, so it’s not cos you’re getting old. You’re just tired. Go and rest!

  2. yo nick, even though nav & I dun hv kids we certainly can identify with u abt feeling our Age kicking in. sometimes e 2 of us hit the sack at 9pm!!! and yea gone r the days where I can wake up at 5am to do work! its so stoopid – i set my alarm at 5am and always get up at 6.10am – sheesh who am i kiddin :P

  3. i totally know wat ur talking abt – im forever the idealist at least once a wk – ill set my hp at 5am serious abt catching up on some wk – and grudgingly get up at 6.10!

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