Olyna the Cook


Pearl and I went over to Adrian and Olyna’s place together with Dezzo and Hazel. With Clié at home with my parents, we could really relax and enjoy that evening.

Olyna prepared some special bread, soup, pasta and salad, they were all very tasty and we were really full. We never knew Olyna could whip up such an excellent meal and we were definately pleasently suprised.

Their house had a very beautiful feature wall and it was a kind of therapeutic red, rustic and natural, with a beautiful water colour painting by Agnes.

Good time passed so fast that when i checked my watch it was already coming to midnight… That was a night to remember.

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  1. i’m so glad you’re honoring olyna’s cooking skills (not to mention artistic streak by the looks of the picture!)…..she’s always said she can’t cook anything but maggi mee. :)

    missing hanging with you guys….*sigh* the t-ong family will be there soon, but i don’t think i’ll be able to make it. boohoo.

    sue will be here though. YAY! and my dad will come for a bit. so i guess that’ll have to do till i can make it back.

    eat it up for me! hehehe. btw…clie is so beatiful. praying with your family- born and unborn :)

  2. wow – that photo seriously looks like it was taken from some Vogue entertaining magazine!!

    im super impressed with Ols presentation of the pasta!!! whoa!!!!!

  3. aiyoh you guys are too nice lah!! actually peaRL did the twirling of the sphegetti onto the plate!! i just watched in AWE hee hee

    joh i’ll cook for you man…just come home and we’ll have a day of hanging out at my place with girly dvds and cholestrol rich food YAY!! mad hand clapping*

  4. yaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! only a day? hehehhe

    i want to. really. but it doesn’t look hopeful this year. i’m thinking maybe after you guys come over in feb (if it materialises)

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