Ah Mah


My grandma is old, she is i think 82 now. Her world is very different from mine although we see each other very often. She nags like crazy, stuff like “do you want me to make a cup of tea for you?”, “have you eaten?”, “go ask the maid to make something for you to eat if you are hungry.”, “tell your mother no more rice, need to buy.”, “the maid is so horrible.” I can understand that she is bored at home and just wants someone to talk to, but since young, her kind of topics was never the kind i would talk about. I came to a stage during Secondary School where i would not even know when she was talking to me, it all sounded like ambient sound.

Now, i’ve grow older and am cherishing the time i can spend with my grandma. Although i still don’t talk to her much at least we have conversation.

She is so hardy, she once fell down the stairs in the middle of the night and everyone came out of their rooms to see what happened, but she just got up and casually say “nothing lah, just fall down, go back and sleep”. Trust me it sounded like a big watermelon rolled down the stairs.

My dialect is “Foo Chow” or “Hock Chew” and the only people that speak it at home now is my dad and my grandma. Its nice hearing the dialect… i do miss my grandpa.

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  1. hi nick!
    i think this is my 1st time leaving a comment on ur blog, but i also happen to be a “foochow” too (as stated in my birthcert), but my whole family speaks teochew… i don’t actually know how foochow sounds like.. :)

  2. hey nick,
    i know exactly wat u mean – jus visited my gma after many months of not seeing her. She’s real senile and remember me but talks nonsense – but yea its just nice to touch her hand, see her smile and just be with her…

  3. Your grandmother looks extremely friendly. :) I am not really close to my grandmother since I don’t know any dialects, and she doesn’t speak english.

  4. now that you mentioned about grandma, I really missed my granny whom I was closed to my heart. she had passed on close to 10years now. I do have some remnants of the photos we took etc…

  5. I used to be staying with my grandmas when i was much younger, and now they’re all living on their own…cos me and my siblings were considered as the ‘oldest’ grandchildren – so there you go! But seeing Grans makes me happy – both fraternal maternal Grans! Cos i always get to talk to them in two dialects – Hokkien & Teochew! Heheh…

    Talking abt photos, i haven take much photos with them – should do it right away!

    (‘ ‘,)

  6. Wah, Nice to see quite of few Hock Chew in town.. I’m 1 too!, Same lor, Don know the dialect as well. From young, have been using hokkien mixing Teochew.. It’s quite a shame..sighz..

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