unagi don dinner at home


Its been a very japanese week. We have been cooking tempura udon, unagi don last night and up next is cha soba. All thanks to Anne and Laurain for their jappy dinner influences. Having a wife that can cook is heaven sent. YES! that picture was taken at home, not at a restaurant.

To top it all, we went to Daiso (jappy $2 shop at IMM) and we bought 71 items. I think we are crazy, but i also think we need to go back there again real soon.

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  1. Looks good and bet it tastes as good .. can pearl give me some tips on how to handle 2 kids and still cook at the same time ?

  2. if you all are crazy about jap food, you HAVE to try out Shimizu at the old warren golf club near dover road (and NUS)… i’ve never been a fan of jap food until i tasted THIS… super authentic food (the first time and probably only time i’ll ever say japanese food is yummy) topped off with japanese chefs in japanese getups who greet you in their typical courteous japanese way as you walk in and when you walk out… umm think you get the point. :) Its a bit on the pricey side (about 30 bucks per pax) but we ate tons… paper steamboats, fugu (or puffer fish) (!!!), sushi, tempura, and loads more. check it out if you have the time

  3. hi nick,

    the pic looks yummy….!!!!!! pearl can really cook…heehee :)

    its been along time..so how are things? congrates on the second bundle of joy…. should catch up soon… not too sure if zul is coming back at the end of the year…

  4. that plate is surely bought at ikea ;-)… the price tag is reflected and hidden in the shadow..

    the food looks yummy wouldnt mind some japanese right now myself

  5. All of the table settings are very stylish, Nick. Thanks for sending me the delicious links.

    You are sure lucky to have a spouse who can cook such yummy food and present it so beautifully. I like the color combination of your food. The choice of the plates, bowls, chopstick rests, glasses, and dinner mats just show that you two are artistic people. I feel like to eat all those food when I look at the pictures ;-) These beautiful pics can come from a cooking book.

    I wish that Japanese store were close by ;-)

  6. Too bad that I did not know about Daiso when I visited Singapore last April. I was looking for Japanese dinnerware at several stores but could not find the ones I really like. Visiting Daiso would be fun.

    The expensive brands nowadays do not always have the high quality you would expect. One can get nice stuff from stores like Daiso and IKEA.

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