Had an excellent time playing street soccer at Taman Jurong Street Soccer Court on sunday. Its a real re-charger as i’ve not been exercising for months. I really miss those days in school where playing soccer seems to be the only thing to do, but now with work, kids and family, it can get quite difficult to allocate time for such activities. I’m just glad i finally managed to get some exercise.

During the play i had a minor collision with another player of the opposite team. He was making a turn and i was rushing towards him to get the ball. In a split second, his head smashed into my left chest. The pain was pretty bad, but bearable. I continued playing.

When i got home, the pain became worse, so much so that i could hardly pick my body up when i’m lying down and it also hurts quite badly when i cough. Qutie scared… so i went to the company doctor today and the doctor says that i might have a rib fracture, so refered me to another clinic to take an X-ray. The results should be out soon, hope everything is fine.

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  1. Hi, can I just check where exactly is this street soccer court and is it open for all? Or booking if required? If yes, where to etc??? Thanks!!

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