New Fridge for Sale!


My friend won a Mitsubishi MR-V42M 3 Door Fridge, but he already have a fridge, so i’ve helped him list it up on eBay. It retails at $1,099, but the starting bid is only $800. So if you need a fridge, pls try to get this, cuz its Brand New and the supplier will deliver to your house.

You can see the eBay listing here for the next 7 days.

5 Replies to “New Fridge for Sale!”

  1. we might need a fridge (and this one looks real cool!) but where are we going to get the $$ that is the question. i really like the designer tap mixer though. does it do anything special??

  2. i read your comment like 3 times and actually, i still don’t know what you mean but i agree it looks really cool. i would love to have it! and not too expensive either! or is that just a low starting price? man i’ll definitely come to you for our kitchen and toilet fittings one day.

  3. which designr mixer tap? you mean the one on eBay? If so, the special thing is that the catridge (the part that mixes the water) is special small and hence can be installed below the deck. If you notice on normal taps the “big part” which houses the catridge is above deck. Its a beautiful product.

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