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Of late, we have been shopping for a family car and the short listed ones were the Honda Jazz, the Renault Scénic, Toyota Picnic, Opel Meriva and at the end we settled for the Mitsubishi Colt Plus.

The Mitsubishi Colt Plus is quite a cool car, it has so many features that i think you better see their website.



This is not the first time to the showroom and it was the last stop, cuz we have already went to all the other Showrooms and test drove the neccessary models.


We had alot of drinks, dunno why…




We should be able to get the car in mid March… What a big purchase… my goodness…

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  1. Cool! Red colour too? My abang got the Colt recently (RED!), before the + came out. But then, no regrets… still prefer to old Colt. Colt Plus price is steeper and no bench seats infront!

    I’m sure your family and you are looking forward to the new car.

  2. If you are car owner of Colt plus or Jazz, I am interested to know the fuel consumption of the Colt Plus and Jazz.

  3. Hi All

    Just came across this website from Google when I did a search. I’m currently a Colt Plus owner … ermm … Colt Plus Turbo to be exact.

    For those of you who would like to know more about Colt or Colt Plus, do join us at – a local community for all Mitsubishi Colt owners!! Do join us there as there are plenty of postings with regards to the Colt Plus and Colt.


  4. Hey Nick!

    Just saw your registration at ! Welcome! Welcome! Do hope to see you in our next meetup! Will update more info on the meet soon!


  5. it seems that many reviews have stated that the jazz has better handling than the colt. among other things like load carrying capability n flexibility

  6. Hi dennis

    You may want to try out the CPT and you’d be surprised with the handling! ;)

    p.s. You’re right that jazz has better handling … probably because it has stiffer suspension. But colt has the best of both worlds … compromise between the two.

  7. Hey Nick, Honda Jazz is pretty cool too!So is Colt PLus! But seems that petrol consumtion for the Jazz is kinda heavy.

    Anywayz, it really feels good to have your own car! Do let us know ur ‘shiok’ feeling when your car comes in k~! hehe..

    (‘ ‘,)

  8. The picnic is bigger than the colt, but the colt plus maybe as big. My sis owned a Jazz b4 and she say it does on averge 14km/litre. The Colt Plus sales peron say the same for the colt plus.

  9. hi, came across this blog while surfing… & am really interested in finding out abt the fuel consumption & performance of colt plus as i heard some reviews abt mitsubishi cars having problems. can someone pls enlighten me? tks!

  10. Tested Drive comment after solid:

    i) On Road drive is Very Smooth
    ii) Pick up : Acceptable & Satisfactory
    iii) Low speed with silence effected
    iv) Parking is not Ideal ( Parallel
    parking Needed Few times to adjust).
    v) Brake activated has not satisfactory

    Further improvement:

    i) Rear of Side Doors to propose change to
    slide door that will be better new ideal &
    new styling and more convenience for
    customers. Or may for good saleing
    ii) Supposing to reduce the Front Panel and
    to increase for
    Front Seats of space ½ ft.

    Customer Feedback:
    Low power consumption: Fuel :

    11~12KM/1 liter ( busy Traffic )

    12~13KM/1 liter ( Highway

  11. Customer feedback:
    – After 1000KM Inspection that the Car
    performance IMproved:
    a) Pickup more actived
    b) The Mileage improved: Plum in petrol
    20.77 litre/318.3 KM about 15.33KM/Litre
    that drove on Busy traffic 2/3 and Higway
    c) On drove highway 90~100KM the
    mileasge metering shown at about
    d) 90~100 KM on Highway inside the car
    given is silence.
    e) Good point design that shown for back
    light of Indicator Meter. The Brightness
    control by Auto that affected by outside
    of environment.
    f) Drove on smooth from Metering shown 0
    to 80KM never felt that the “GEAR Speed”
    was changing druing the Speed

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