Clié’s first Grapevine


After going to Grapevine so many times, this is the first time we brought Clié. Who would have know that after dating for 12 years, we would have Clié and Cleo… Oh yes, we still date after marriage…


Pearl and Nick in a lovey dovey shot.

6 Replies to “Clié’s first Grapevine”

  1. i went to grapevine after seeing your recommendation and the way you describe the attack of the brownie. Didn’t know where exactly it was, since Upper Serangoon Road was very long, but managed to find it and the brownie is really great!!!!!

  2. hello… i heard about grapevine too as it’s not too far away from my house. but how do you get there? and i just realise that you know one of my sec sch teachers.. mrs agnes ong… =)

  3. This is their address, you might want to give them a call when you are going, they will be more than happy to help you.

    780 Up Serangoon Rd #01-07
    Singapore 534649
    T: 62805026

  4. Hey, just like to update ya.
    Grapevine has moved across the street, just beside the church.
    Cheers! =)

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