David and Lirong

David and LiRong

Today my brother got married with Lirong. I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite a while and happy to see my brother marrying the girl he loves. Its so strange seeing my younger brother getting married. It feels as if i need to give him some advise of sorts being an older brother, but at some point i did ask him if he have gave serious thought to it and asked if he is mentally prepared to live with his wife for the rest of his life. He did gave serious thought to it and he decided.


Thepans at the ROM

David and Nick

I think my younger brother will always be my younger brother and i still find it hard to believe he is actually married.

The Guys

The Guys from Left: Louis, David, me and Dad. Its strange seeing all four of us in 1 picture.

8 Replies to “David and Lirong”

  1. yo…were you from signal sch?! I was looking for fabric and found your site…long time man…
    and nice kids you have there…cheers and all the best!

  2. hi there!

    bumped into ur blog & was attracted by ur beautiful gals.
    am planning for my own wedding.
    would like to check where did ur bro hold his?
    cos it looks like a nice cosy setting from d pics.


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