I need my Sentosa

Cli'e and Daddy

I’ve been working like mad over the past 2 months and i’ve been craving for a stress free day at Sentosa. As some might know i’m quite a Sentosa person.

We started the day early with Prata at Jln Kayu and you can see below Cleo is already in here sentosa outfit.

Cleo having prata

I’m glad my kids like me love prata, so its really enjoyable to just chill out, no rush, have breakfast knowing that the day just started.

Cli'e at the New Palawan Beach area

Being a member of Sentosa, i knew that the renovation at Palawan Beach is completed and thats where we spent out time on Sentosa.

Cleo with bucket on head

The kids saw the new additions, played with them for a while, but i think, Sentosa meant sandy beaches and sand castle making to the kids and its suppose to be the main event, so we ended up on the beach after exploring the new stuff.

Beach, sand, family, sun, cold drinks, stress free, nothing to worry about… thats the kind of rest i always look forward to.

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  1. cleo looks so cute with the bucket on her head! hahaa.. and the first picture of you and clie is just so heartwarming :)) she has lovely hair!

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