First Singapore Web Standards Group meetup

One small step for some, one giant leap for Singapore.

Its a privilege to be at Singapore’s first Web Standards Group meetup (actually a smaller group met some years ago, but this one is like more official). This event is made possible by the dedicated people behind WebSG.

There were 3 presentations that evening with Lucian starting off explaining what and why we need web standards. Coleman continued to present on Accessibility, Hitler & Mother Theresa where he showed a video of how blind people use screen readers to surf websites. Then i had the privilege to be the 3rd presenter. As i knew Lucian will be talking about Web Standards, hence i thought i showed an example instead of a past project where i used LIM (my own acronym for List Item Menus). Its something simple, but i think it might be a suitable example to showcase the power of seperating content and presentation.

3 collegues of mine got dragged by me to this meetup as I hope that they too will come to the appreciation of creating standards based websites.

If you missed the meetup, you can still see those who went for the meetup here.

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