We were invited to be on BlogTV and the segment that we are on showed on TV tonight.


Why were we on? That was the question we were asked the most. If you noticed a comment on one of my previous post. Soon Ling of CNA contacted me, mainly because we were parents who blogged for their children. They wanted to do an episode on parents who blogged about their kids.


We did the recording sometime mid december 06 and it was done at Brewerkz. It was 100% unplanned, questions were thrown at us and without rehearsing, we just gave our unpolished thruthful views.

Actually after the recording, Pearl and I went to have coffee and we both chat about the recording. We somehow felt that we sort of got a bad scolding of sorts… due to the difficult and probing questions about our motives of blogging for our kids. I have to say that the programme is one of a kind and quite cool. Very raw, very real, very in your face…


About one or two weeks later, a CNA team came to our house to do a short snippet for the trailers. That was fun and the kids enjoyed it. So for the record, this is the first time thepans were on TV.

Watch segment @ BlogTV.

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  1. You and Pearl did very well – media always like honesty :) Their questions weren’t the easiest to answer either – always trying to dig up “dirt”

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