CSS Workshop with Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley

Russ Weakley came to Singapore to conduct a CSS workshop and its thanks to PebbleRoad for organising such an event. Who is Russ Weakley? Well he is the one behind Max Design, the one behind the high qualilty list of light-reading list which i subscribe to.

As Aussie as Russ is, his Aussie humor really gave the workshop an informal its-ok-to-laugh-at-yourself feel to the whole day. It was totally enjoyable.

Russ Weakley

The entire session was amazing as Russ drilled down so many facts and clarified several i-thought-i-knew-but-was-not-100%-sure kind of doubts.

As many have muddled their way thru trail and error, figuring out css problems along the way, not many people had formal training in CSS. But after today, it felt like the little cracks have been filled up, it felt like it was official training.

Russ Weakley

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  1. Russ is a nice guy. he’s also the founder of the Web Standard Group that organize frequent meetups and discussions in Australia.

    Really nice to see him come to SG for workshop as I think designers/developers here really need a big education on web standard and CSS.

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