Jam on Faber

We went to Gillman’s village to have a simple dinner to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. Everyone was there, Dad, Mom, all my siblings and even Grandma. It was a really nice night.

After dinner we decided to drive up Mt Faber for fun also to do something together. We parked at the peak got off and went to have a look at the cable cars, it was really nice and calm.

When we were going off, while going down slope, we got into a jam. People were honking and some got off their cars to see what was happening. I did the same and from what i can see, i think a bus was stuck. I asked my brother to come along with me to see whats happening and as kaypoh Singaporeans, we went up ahead to check things out.

The bus was really stuck and its not just because the road was narrow, the car on its right sticked out into the road too much, the car on the left was illegal parking. Afraid to hit those cars, the bus driver did not know what to do. There was no way he could move as it was at a turn… and buses need space to turn.

After a quick assessment, i shouted at everyone, “hey lets try to move the cars”, no body responded at first untill a big sized guy started to put his hand on the car. We pushed and pushed, but it did not move. Knowing that its either we succeed or we get stuck here for dunno how long, we gave it another shot. This time we bounced the car. As the car bounced, it hopped abit, abit more and yet a bit more and its done. The bus tried moving, but the other car was still blocking, so without anymore hesitation, we started moving the other car. lol… After a while, all went back to their cars and everything was back to normal.

Its cool to see people getting together to solve problems. So for the record, yes you can move cars with your bare hands.

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  1. lol reminds me of perth where my neighbour’s car was stuck in the sand, we had to push the car up the wooden planks, that was before we called the rac tow truck.. lesson to learn is never park your car in the sand!

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