Woke up this morning feeling tired. I think its the compounded lack of sleep plus the high brain cell burn rate over the last couple of weeks. Each and every single thing i have to think about will bug me badly. Every SMS i receive makes me wanna throw my phone at someone.

Could not drive to church and even during the service i felt unwell. Then at mid afternoon, my mind and body gave up. I felt horrible. My body stopped responding me. I had to head home.

Stumbled to bed… and crashed. Not sure what happened after that. Only remembered my wife caring for me.

I thank God for my wife constantly, she somehow managed to nurse me back to health with ginger water and a soothing medicated backrub. Ready to get back to work on monday for another week.

4 Replies to “Burnout”

  1. /slap shruti

    I’m glad i’ve got a few good & capable colleagues even if at times they make fun of me & refuse to let me join them for lunch.

  2. reading your blog puts me back in singapore. and then i snap out of it and remember that im sitting at my office doing random work. i kinda miss singapore. hope things get better on your end.

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