Random BBQ

BBQ Batch 1

Pearl wanted a BBQ, there was no particular reason. Its maybe just that we have not had one for quite sometime now. The chef wanted to try something different this time, so the BBQ became sort of like an out door kitchen for her.

BBQ Batch 2

We had beef strips, stuffed squid, big chunks of chicken chops, a whole stack of ribs and of cause there was the normal, prawns, sausages, beehoon, salad, drinks, etc. It was nice.

We also had good company

Chu and Kerwin
Chu and Kerwin

Sharon and Davis
Sharon and Davis

Pearl’s Mom and Dad
Pearl’s Parents with Sharon’s new born

Desmond and Hazel
Our good friends Desmond and Hazel

The Kids
and of cause the kids

Nick and Pearl
My angel from above

I so feel like having another BBQ in Nov.

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