At the Merlion

Clié and Cleo with Merlion

Today i took the day off and brought the kids to the Merlion Park. It was a simple outing and we had great fun.

Clié with Merlion

There were super alot of people there, from Koreans, to Chinese, all sorts of Caucasians and maybe a few locals. Its amazing how tourist-ish our country is. I literally had to get Clié to stand super near the railings in order to get a clear shot.

Clié with Merlion

Somehow, the other side was not so crowded, so we spent more time on the right of the mystical creature.

Clié with Merlion

Clié did all sorts of poses. Some funny some silly.

Clié in Yoga-ish pose with Merlion

Some yoga looking poses too. This have got to be my favorite. It was hard to capture, so i had to take continuous shots in order to get good ones.

Clié in sweet pose

Clié in sweet pose

Clié in silly pose

With all proper photos, she also had to throw in a few silly poses.

Clié the beauty

The girl is growing and becoming a real beauty. I have to say this is the most beautiful picture of Clié to date. So natural, so sweet, so Clié-ish.

Clié with Daddy

Clié soaring

sweet Cleo

Cleo was mainly in a sleepy mood, hence was not as energetic as Clié, but she still manage to give me a sweet smile.

Cleo with Daddy

Clié flying

We tried lots of funny poses and this one of her jumping off the stone block made her looked like she is flying.

It was pure simple fun.

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  1. I like the 4th picture the most. It’s so nice. Just like a wallpaper for desktop. And of cos she is so pretty too. :D And the last picture was amazing! (^^)

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