Silly Accident

Car Accident

Got into a small accident on 19 Jan Saturday. A Taxi turned out from a small road and hit me at a T Junction while i was driving straight on a main road. That guy must be blur or something… Its just strange that the accident happened. He got off and apologised, it was pretty clear it was totally his fault.

As this is the first accident on my first car, i was not too sure what was the procedure. Anyway i knew i had to take down the other party’s info, so i did.

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It happened at Meyer Rd, Crescent Rd junction.

The following monday, brought it down to the workshop and they told me the repairs would cost at least $1,600. It was steep & the other party felt i should provide him at least a second opinion, so i did. It still came up to $1,500+ so we decided to go thru insurance claim, as he felt he could not absorb the high repair cost all by himself.

The following day, his taxi company called and offered to pay for the full repairs, all i needed to do was to send it to their appointed workshop. Since no need to activate insurance, no need to wait till after CNY, so i sent it in and manage to get back my repaired car within 4 days.

The door had to be changed and the metal part above the front right wheel had to be knocked back into shape.
*sigh* i really hate to run all these unnecessary errands, especially when the house is currently upside down.

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