Our Planets

Our Solar System

This afternoon my fellow young earthlings, we will cover Planets 101 and according to our materials which are slightly out dated, yes Pluto is still a planet for today’s lesson.

The equipment we will require today is cardboard, crayons, a pair of scissors and sticky tape.

First, make circles, colour them according to what the library book states and then send them into orbit.

Our Planet Earth

The most important planet in our solar system would have to be the one we are on and that’s planet Earth. Its important that we ensure that this planet is a perfect circle, however for today, something resembling a circle will be acceptable.

Clié\'s Space Ship

Each astronaut is also allowed to use their own space ship to explore the planets of his or her choice.

Cleo\'s Space Ship

With a little imagination, space ships can even go into warp speed to reach different parts of the universe in a split second.

The Astronaunts

But of cause, not forgetting, there is no oxygen in space, so do ensure your space helmets are all in good working condition.

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  1. Very pretty .. The white canvas is not a T-shirt? I think this picture looks lovely on a T-shirt.

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