Random questions

Have been feeling quite random of late, so here are some random questions:

  1. Will you be using the net even at 60?
  2. If there was a free Salsa course, will you take it up with the person you love?
  3. Mac or PC or Linux or who cares?
  4. Wireless mouse or wired mouse?
  5. Which is better? Saturday or Sunday?
  6. Shopping holiday or resort holiday?
  7. Sketch or Photoshop?
  8. Rice or Noodles?
  9. Suffer now or later?
  10. Daughters or Sons?
  11. Fame or Money?
  12. WP or MT?
  13. Like or Love?
  14. Go for it or lets think first?
  15. Hero or Zero?

8 Replies to “Random questions”

  1. yes, i will, who cares, wireless, saturday, resort holiday, photoshop, rice, suffer now, daughters, money, WP, love, think first, zero.

  2. Absolutely | I will if he doesn’t mind me with two left feet! | Who cares | Wired | Saturday | Resort holiday | Photoshop | Definitely rice! | Neither | Sons | Money | WP | Both! | Lets think first | In between the two

  3. definitely, maybe, who cares, wireless, sat, resort, photoshop, rice, now, daughters, money, wp, love, go for it, zero

  4. YES! Not very sure though, I prefer PC and wired mouse because I’m more used to them. I like Saturday more because it feels like I am going for a shopping holiday. I try to Photoshop as much as I can. I like to eat rice, and prefer to suffer now, but it depends what kind of sufferings. I want both daughters and sons to have a balance, I’ve always wanted a brother myself. MONEY MONEY MONEY! WP WP WP! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Go for it if I have the substance! HERO HERO HERO!

  5. 1. Yes!
    2. Yes!
    3. Who cares
    4. Wired mouse?
    5. Saturday
    6. Resort holiday?
    7. Photoshop?
    8. Noodles?
    9. Suffer now
    10. Daughters
    11. Money
    12. ??
    13. Love
    14. Go for it
    15. Hero

  6. Yes. Maybe. PC Desktop, Macbook and iPod. Wired Mouse, i lazy to change battery. Saturday night to Sunday morning. Resort holiday. Sketch. Noodles. Suffer now. Sons…and 1 daughter if i hv nothing better to do. Fame. Wth. Love. Depends: fun ideas i’ll go for it, crazy ideas i think first. Also depends: but mostly my gut feeling.

  7. 1) yes, definitely. i’ve been using it since the era of ms dos and netscape so why stop at all!
    2) haha, no salsa for me please
    3) mac x1000, although i’ve never tried linux. would like to.
    4) wired
    5) saturday evenings are better than sunday evenings, but nothing beats sunday mornings/brunches
    6) shopping.. i hate the beach
    7) sketching before photoshop
    8) RICE!
    9) now.. or never?
    10) i can’t decide. first born daughter to tame the little male rascals that follow?
    11) money
    12) i like both for different reasons
    13) love
    14) think! a lot of it
    15) hero hah

    hi nick pan! long time no see. i like coming here and reading your blog now and then. cleo and clie are growing up nicely. :)

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