Learnings and Recommendations from Danny Choo

Attended Danny Choo’s workshop today and i was simply blown away. He is a humble guy and he shared with the audience about his career, the learninings and also some recommendations from his experience as a blogger who commands an amazing amount of traffic and passive income.

Its always nice to hear from SEO experts, but Danny is so much more than that, he practices what he says and his sharings about his trail and error efforts to evolve his site is simply a real life fairytale-ish account.

Alot of the stuff he mentioned are solid good practices for website owners, while there were some other things he mentioned were quite new to me. Super inspired to see someone so disciplined to systematically achieve his goals.

I’m just too awe stuck to write more, but you can be certain, my blog will be evolving soon and i’ll start blogging more regularly about web stuff which is my thing. ;)

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