The problem with Luck and Superstition

Religious content, donít read if you donít want to.

The Lunar New Year is here once again and many are going to different places to ask for blessings for good luck. Some are buying symbolic stuff in the hope that their luck will be better in the new year. I’ve no problem with humble people wanting the best for their family, but its another thing to be fixated on oneself and selfishly ask for prosperity. Being Christian, i’ve got a problem with “luck” and “superstition”.

According to Wikipedia’s Superstitions during the New Year period, there are some things people do for “Good Luck”, here are some examples:

  • Opening windows and/or doors is considered to bring in the good luck of the new year.
  • Switching on the lights for the night is considered good luck to ‘scare away’ ghosts and spirits of misfortune that may compromise the luck and fortune of the new year.
  • Wearing a new pair of slippers that is bought before the new year, because it means to step on the people who gossip about you.
  • The night before the new year, bathe yourself in pomelo leaves and some say that you will be healthy for the rest of the new year.

However, there are some about “Bad Luck” as well, here are some examples:

  • Getting a hair-cut in the first lunar month puts a curse on maternal uncles. Therefore, people get a hair-cut before the New Year’s Eve.
  • Washing your hair is also considered to be washing away one’s own luck.
  • Sweeping the floor is usually forbidden on the first day, as it will sweep away the good fortune and luck for the new year.

But sorry, i’m Christian, i don’t believe in Luck. But then again unfortunately the world is unfortunately currently under the control of the evil one and the evil one likes to bind people with fears and uncertainties.

“We know that we are children of God, and that the whole world is under the control of the evil one.” ~ 1 John 5:19

So how true are some of these superstition? Can we / should we even believe in superstition and subject ourselves to such unnecessary fear? Should we even believe there is such a thing as “Bad Luck”.

I think being human, we all want peace in our lives and thats fine as that makes us ask questions and seek answers in order to understand and attain true peace.

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32

But then again some Christians still practice some superstition out of respect for the elders, then again some practice Christianity out of respect for their elders as well. lol…

Anyway, my point is why subject ourselves to unnecessary believes and fears set by man, some of these believes are manipulated by the evil one under the disguise of good intention. So Christians, if you are reading this, go read Mark 7.

He replied, “Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written: ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship me in vain; their teachings are but rules taught by men.’You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men.” ~ Mark 7:6-8

Here is wishing you a great lunar new year,† a year that you will finally make a difference to yourself and to others, a joyful, meaningful and purposeful year.

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4 Replies to “The problem with Luck and Superstition”

  1. I could be wrong but you seem to be hinting that only non-christians are capable of silly stuffs like superstition in the quote ”
    But sorry, iím Christian, i donít believe in Luck.”.

    As a buddhist I’m quite offended by that. All of us have our own faiths and beliefs to make ourselves feel good, so why put mine down?

    Still, happy lunar new year to you too. ;-)

  2. Hey draco, thanks for reading and ending your comment with a smile. :)

    I’m sorry for the somewhat aggressive post, hence i always try to put a disclaimer at the top. I’ve tried to edit the post abit to keep to what i want to say yet make it not so offensive.

    Its interesting that you brought up Buddhism, as i never knew if Buddhists are superstitious about about “luck” or not.

    I did a quick check and apparently a Buddhist e-learning website says a truly wise and enlightened person would give up superstitions about luck and anyone who is wise should do the same as no one knows the future. hmm… interesting.

  3. Oops, just got self-pwned with my lack of knowledge in my own religion, didn’t I? Thanks for the information, that’s some interesting bits about buddhism to me too.

    I respect that you are clear of your Luck beliefs, and someday I hope I can do that too. But for now, I sleep better doing things that might bring me luck. Well that’s me. As long as I’m not too obsessed I guess I’ll be fine.

    And you, have a great year ahead! :)

    I’m sorry too if I sound offensive. Cheers.

  4. Thanks for this post.

    My family have just moved into a place which was previously owned by a superstitious family with things like ‘cai men’ labels on the doors, golden coins lining up the sides of the walls etc. Even the colour of the kitchen tiles ‘were carefully chosen by a fengshui master’.

    In recent weeks, geomacy (or ‘feng shui’) was quite a popular topic leading up to CNY and I find myself wavering in faith.

    Being Chinese, as you mentioned, some practised fengshui just to be safe, not sorry. But I know that such things shouldn’t matter but ‘kiasi’ lor hahaha.

    Having read this post, I am more assured and feel that I just have to simply pray more and understand more about the Word.. :)

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