Pearl in Fullerton Pool

From the day i met her, she stole my heart. Its strange and illogical, I don’t quite understand it.

There is something mysterious about her, there is something pure and innocent about her.

She is overtly supportive in the right stuff while naturally not supportive of the wrong stuff. To me things can be one big grey, but i’m glad she helps me put things in perspective.

Pearl in-room dinning at Fullerton

We knew each other for about a month and we became an item. Time passes so quickly… its 16 years now. There were ups and downs, there were hits and misses. But overall, i’m still head over heels with this girl that stole my heart.

6 Replies to “Pearl”

  1. Nicely written. :)
    It’s a magical feeling isn’t it? You are a very lucky person to be able to find someone like this in your life. I’m sure there will be many more amazing years to come. :D

  2. A couple must have gone through a lot in all of those sixteen years. You two look like a model couple!

    May many more sixteen years be shared among you two! Congrats!

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