Kite Flying Picnic


Its Saturday morning. We woke up early and prepared some sandwiches. Armed ourselves with kites and off we went to Lower Seletar Reservoir.


We laid out our picnic mat, took out the sandwiches and got the kites ready. Clié and Cleo were just too excited and with some help from daddy, their kites lifted off into the sky.


Cleo simple love her colourful rainbow-ish trainagle kite.


Look its there, high up in the sky.


She was a happy girl that day.


Clié had lots of fun too. She is good at coiling up her kite’s string and keeping things neat and tidy. She gets really worked up when her kite starts plumetting down. I can so imagine her at work next time. So passionate.


It started getting hot after some time and the kids had enough kite flying. We headed home.

After a shower and a simple lunch, everyone headed off to bed for a nap to enjoy the lazy saturday afternoon in their air-conditioned rooms. It was also perfect timing for me to clear some work.

I so look forward for saturdays like this. Quality family time, make my wife happy, make my kids happy, this makes me happy.

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  1. nick, i’m glad too constantly see you doing fun stuff with your kids. They will look back on these good times when they grow up with a smile :)

  2. Very gorgeous photos of your family here! Spending quality time together is the best thing that can ever happen. Your girls have grown up so much!

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